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I’ll Be Watching This…


BBC 4 Chatterton Documentary 8.30pm Monday 15th June 2015

Michael Doble of The Thomas Chatterton Society kindly sent me this link as he knows of my interest in, and pamphlet of poems about, Thomas Chatterton.

I’ll be watching on ‘catch up’ TV as I shall be out that evening with LitFest 🙂

Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015


6 thoughts on “I’ll Be Watching This…

  1. Thanks for sharing this Polly.! I may watch it too as I have your pamphlet so it will be interesting . 😊


    • I’d have been glued to it any other Monday in the year! But for the LitFest ten days, when I’m rarely at home. But I’ll watch it for sure at the earliest opportunity. It’ll be interesting to compare notes Christine 🙂

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  2. And thanks to you, I now know who this young man was!


  3. Your collection of Chatterton poems are an inspiration. I will do my best to find the program.


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