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Hooked on Chatterton


Spare half an hour to enjoy this programme, I’m hooked! Here’s a link to the BBC iPlayer for the documentary about Chatterton: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b05z5hc0/thomas-chatterton-the-myth-of-the-doomed-poet

My pamphlet, a series of poems: Chatterton is available as an eBook click here! The limited print first edition is sold out, but wonderful that it’s available on Kindle and other platforms–thanks Black Pear Press 🙂
Chatterton BBC4 Broadcast 15th June 2015


15 thoughts on “Hooked on Chatterton

  1. Polly, I am so disappointed. I tried to watch it online but it says it is unavailable outside the UK. Alas, I have no television reception so can only hope that it will be available on youtube outside the UK at some point! 😦 xx


  2. Very fascinating Polly and I can see why you are hooked. I was thoroughly engaged with it and I rather like Brian May’s take on it as The Ultimate Bohemian Rhapsody! Thanks for sharing.


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