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Under the Cloak of Winter


It’s Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub and Abhra’s at the bar. This poem was in response to my friend Kieran’s (kdavisfanclub.wordpress.com) challenge to write about the photo.

Under the Cloak of Winter

From Kieran

Photo by Damien Davis

They dance through the woods,
beneath elegant trees,
pause at mounds of moss
until the coracle’s in view.

Not yet in the water,
the boat:
the boat is waiting
for them to take a seat
on animal skin.

Mist miracles wrap
and rise,
still, still, still.
Peace settles;

no birds, no flowers,
nothing moves.

Silence stirs
and the trees,
stately sentinels,
to the promise
rising in the haze.

Polly Stretton © 2016


37 thoughts on “Under the Cloak of Winter

  1. Magical, much as I expected! 😉 xx


    • Ha! Lovely of you to say so…wanted it to reflect the quotation ‘…under the cloak of winter lies a miracle’ by Barbara Winkler – the trees put me in mind of it. I love ekphrasic poetry, so this was a joy to do. 🙂

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  2. Very Arthurian. I love it 🙂


  3. magnificent, well done! I shall let my brother know you used his picture, he’ll be delighted. He has an impressive portfolio and has had his photos included in national newspapers among other successful publications (so jealous, and yet simultaneously proud of him). Thank you for sharing this, Polly, beautifully written 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on Baldypoems and commented:
    Check this out! A superb poem from Polly, inspired by the same photo from my brother at damiendavis.co.uk/ that inspired my ‘Dreamy Woodland’ poem. Nicely done, Polly, and well done Damien.

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  5. There is a saying that the fog is the dancing of elves… and there is a painting I remember from being a kid

    That’s how I see your poem Polly


  6. I like the idea of a promise rising up in the haze 🙂
    Beautifully put.


  7. Arthurian, indeed, & a touch of epic fantasy, of fairy magic, of word weaving–transposing the ice, snow drifts, & discomfort to a playground, lost to most of us as puberty departed; thanks, smile.


  8. Oh, just gorgeous, Polly. ‘Silence stirs’…love those stately sentinels that “listen to the promise rising in the haze.”


  9. I can feel the tension rising and the silence settling ~ The ending is mysterious ~ Love the share Polly ~


  10. SMiLes
    Love away
    from Strife
    Force Peace
    aLive as NOW..:)

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  11. What a great scene of mystery and suspense here. Reading it, I felt like I was on the edge of a great forest, so close to breaking out into the open. But maybe not wanting to? A wonderful read.


  12. At times it felt like in a magical place. I would love to be in that place and see what’s unfolding. I’ll take photos. A lovely playground or a playground of love. Happy New Year.


  13. Mysterious, feels like elf lore…


  14. Hi there Polly, altogether very delicious… I especially liked:

    Mist miracles wrap
    and rise,

    And your close, with the notion of:

    the promise
    rising in the haze.



    • Nice to see you found the poem ‘delicious’, Scott 😉 Always lovely when people take the time to quote the bits they like best, thank you.


  15. Love the line about mist miracles. Exquisite poetry!


  16. That is a wonderful power of silence – loved your piece. Sorry it took a long time before I could visit you.

    Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for joining my prompt.


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