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Performing Math Jones's 'Rhiannon' with Math at LitFest's Fringe event 'Lupercalia'

Performing Math Jones’s ‘Rhiannon’ with Math at LitFest’s Fringe event ‘Lupercalia’

A wonderful event of dramatic poetry and story telling by Math Jones at Drummonds Bar, Worcester. Math invited Claire Walker, Alan Durham, Michelle Crosbie and me as guest poets for the evening. Alan was standing in for Mike Alma, who couldn’t make it–he was unwell–get well soon, Mike.

An appreciative audience made it a night to remember. Thanks to Worcestershire LitFest for organising this fringe event and to Martin Driscoll for introducing and closing the event.


4 thoughts on “Lupercalia

  1. So cool to see you. Looking good. K.


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