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Review: Dancing In The Rain

What a smashing review for my friend Chris Moran.

Bennison Books

bobTeacher Robert Ledger, who knew Chris Moran when they were both 13 but had since lost contact with her, was recently intrigued to discover that she had written a book of poetry.

He got hold of a copy and was amazed that the schoolgirl he knew ‘more interested in being a girl than putting pen to paper’ had transformed into a ‘weaver of words’.

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Obesity: Five Take-Home Messages That Might Challenge Your Assumptions


Carrie Rubin

Carrie always has something interesting to say about research into obesity. Her latest novel ‘Eating Bull’ addresses this issue and others – worth a read.


Carrie Rubin

Last fall I attended the Cleveland Clinic’s 10th Annual Obesity Summit, a conference I like to go to whenever I can. During the event, I live tweeted snippets from various expert speakers. Given the complex nature of overweight/obesity,* I thought it might be interesting to expound on some of them.

  1. Preventable Chronic Disease

Notice the above tweet does not say “50% of obese U.S. adults.” Regardless of our number on the scale,half of us could better our health by improving our diet and physical activity, no medication required. For example:

  • We could lower our risk of type 2 diabetes by eating less sugar and more whole grains and vegetables.
  • We could increase our bone density by doing weight-bearing exercise and eating…

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