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Her Girls


My thanks to Claire Walker for her prompt on Squiffy Gnu asking us to write about siblings…this poem may never have been written without it.

Her Girls

We do not share blood,
we share memories.
A lifetime of growing together
with the closest of parents.
We plunged hands into sweet-smelling
sawdust at fétes,
ran running races, you always behind me
egging me on.
You refused to go to ballet
and I missed you.
Brownies, you did for a bit,
got bored, and I was a Guide
on my own.
I had to take you everywhere,
my little shadow, even on my first date,
a trip to the cinema,
he cancelled because you were there.
You, hitting me with a Scholl sandal
by the coal bunker,
made brave by the presence of your friend
and Pixie the dog.
Dressing up for parties
dancing at local discos,
practising eye-liner, shadow, mascara
until dad said,
“Take that muck off your face.”
Sharing scents: ‘Californian Poppy’
and one with ‘Paris’ in its name
in a silver-topped blue bottle
bought from Woolworths.
Pinching mum’s ‘Mum’ stick deodorant
that made honeyed soft stains
on ‘My girls’.
Laughing about the nit-nurse at school.
Mum saying you needed a bra
more than me, even though
you were two years younger
––that was cutting––
when we were at Burnham-on-Sea
with her…the hottest, burniest
holiday ever. Nivea suntan lotioned
we stretched
on the sands not knowing
what life was to hold in store.

Polly Stretton © 2016


15 thoughts on “Her Girls

  1. Such a magical childhood, yet I feel that a shadow is about to fall… xx


    • It’s strange when you start thinking about past times…all sorts surface that one’s forgotten about until it erupts onto the screen via the keyboard via one’s fingers…I’ve sent a copy of this to my sister and am intrigued to see whether she recalls things in a similar way… 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Polly, it would be interesting to hear if she does? For me, the ending, was a pregnant pause… 🙂 Of course I could be way off?


        • No, you’re not way off…many years have passed since the days I was writing about. My sis and I remain the best of friends and see each other frequently – made a point of it – love seeing her. I’ll let you know what she says 😀 x


  2. Wonderful, love it 🙂


  3. Oh so many memories brought back


  4. Especially Burnham on Sea. We also used to holiday there.


  5. Oh this poem is lovely – hope to see it in your next anthology xx


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