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The Hole Is Filled…


…but the project continues.

Here’s the latest photo of the pond hole that was…one broken finger and a couple of months later, thanks to good weather, progress has been made.

Nearly full

This is the rock that got my finger:

The guilty one!

…and here is a photo of a confused Clematis Alpina…they’re supposed to flower in the spring, this photo was taken a couple of days ago:

Clematis Alpina

Isn’t it beautiful?


11 thoughts on “The Hole Is Filled…

  1. Lovely flower and it has its own schedule. Sorry to hear about the finger that must be difficult at the computer? 🙂 Take care and enjoy your yard and the sunshine. The summer is disappearing so fast it will be autumn all too soon. 🙂


  2. Poor finger, but the “hole” is looking splendid. Your Clematis is gorgeous, too. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are months behind schedule – not sure they’ll ripen before Christmas arrives.


    • The Clematis is pretty stunning, when I moved here it was two sticks! There’s just the faintest blush on one of my tomatoes today, the others are green with envy 😉

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  3. I’m catching up! I love your pond. My son helped me make a small pond a couple of years ago. I now have Mr Jeremy Fisher in residence:)


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