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The Silence of Emptiness


In the silence of my room
I hear a sob
I know it can’t be me
I swore no tears for you.

Yet a curse is no ally
against an empty bed
empty arms
where you once fit

Blinding ache
in the core
serpent bite
of bitter love
no more.

Laughing no more
trying no more
dancing no more
no more.


Polly Stretton © 2016


10 thoughts on “The Silence of Emptiness

  1. Very emotional. What a range in these last few poems, really nice.


  2. This one tugs at the heart strings. Love the description. Who hasn’t been there?


    • Actually written a long time ago, Carrie, I’ve been decluttering a bit but some just couldn’t be disposed of … and thank you so much for all the ‘likes’ today.


      • Once again, I found myself lounging in bed this morning, reading your posts on my iPad. But you’ll be happy to know I am now up and at ’em. 🙂


        • heh-heh … looks like a grand way to start your day 🙂

          It’s 15:12 here so I’m thinking of what the crew would like for dinner … it’s a warm day but I had planned casserole … guess that’s what they’ll have to have … such a hard life heh-heh :).

          Have a good one Carrie.


  3. Intriguing – this is a slightly different style for you Polly. It’s very sad….


    • Written many years ago Holly ~ I’ve been rooting though some pieces I did in the 80s / 90s and came across this one, thought it could do with an airing … glad you liked it 🙂


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