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Mr. Jeremy Fisher Makes An Appearance!


You may have to click and enlarge the photo to see him, but we’re so excited…just a couple of weeks after the pond is finished we have our first little frog in residence 😀

Our first Jeremy Fisher!

Mr. Jeremy Fisher!


22 thoughts on “Mr. Jeremy Fisher Makes An Appearance!

  1. I see him!! Such a shy little thing. 🙂


  2. Nice find! I would of completely missed it 🙂


  3. Yay – I was so excited when I got my first frog. I quietly tiptoe up to the pond and if I’m lucky I can see him plop into the pond. More ofter than not I only see his behind!


  4. Frog in Residence
    Hop-it, Hop-it, Grebit, Jump, Plop, Cool.
    Grebit-Grebit, Gulp-Gulp, Polly’s Pool.

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  5. Bienvenue monsieur Fisher!


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