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Mabel’s Secret Stash…


A bit of fun that presented itself to me this morning 🙂


Mabel…with cleansing pad!

Mabel’s Secret Stash

Mabel’s got a secret stash
of mama’s facial cleansing pads.
Where she gets them, no one knows,
Ma’s tried following but Mabe won’t show
her hiding place. Where could it be?
It still remains a mystery.

Polly Stretton © 2016


14 thoughts on “Mabel’s Secret Stash…

  1. Ah, the things that amuse them… Never expensive toys, of course!


    • I wonder why little dogs like to run off with cotton pads and tissues? She was doing an ‘Andrex puppy’ act yesterday, managed to reach the loo roll and ran off with it! heh-heh 🙂


  2. You’d love Mabel, Cindy, she’s hysterical! 😉


  3. Aw what a sweetheart 😁


  4. Brilliant. We had a cat that collected anything small.


  5. Small things=instant attraction to small pets 🙂 Don’t we love them though – Mabel’s a little star 😀


  6. Does she eat them. We were forever finding pop-socks in the poop of our dog.

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  7. This is so cute and funny! Smiles, Robin

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