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Trick or Treat? TREAT!

Poetry and some flash fiction for Hallowe’en – plus a film to watch!

Poet Laureate

monster-2644324_1920Happy Halloween! 

Earlier this month I opened a call for submissions. I need to add a timed deadline, I am guilty myself of making last minute submissions, however this project inspired me to make a surprise poetry film which was a wrap by teatime.

The original deadline was extended to get work in – and then, well it flew down the chimney like a scene from Harry Potter! 

Halloween Prose PoetryWith this in mind and the fact that I did something crazy, as a poet laureate (enthused by a brilliant lively and brimming with story, 42) – I invited Flash Fiction to join the ranks. So those of you who love a spooky tale will love this.

It was never my intention to produce a film with the Flashes, so they are published here along with accepted poetry that I pipped to the post in cutting room! 

Huge thanks, as always for…

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INKSPILL Guest Poet Interview 2 with Antony Owen

I appreciated reading more about Antony Owens as I find his poetry iengaging and thought-provoking. Read this interview, I think you’ll see why I rate him. Thanks Inkspill 👏



Now you have met Antony and heard about his latest collection The Nagasaki Elder, we hear more from him on poetry in this second part of the interview.

BL RH AntonyAntony Owen reading at the Restless Bones Book Launch 2014 © Rang-Zeb

1. What are your plans for 2018?

To rest, to spend more time with loved ones who I have avoided over the years. Five poetry collections in 8 years on gruelling subjects take a toll. So, to rest then and find some joy again.

2. What advice would you give to poets writing about conflict?

Write about it but be aware of the impact it will have on you. I hope all writers pen even one poem because poetry has to say something or it says nothing. What will our future generations say if artists are silent? In many cases propaganda and art were bedfellows in WW1 and WW2 but we…

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Remembrance Poetry Open Submissions

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The Worcestershire Poet Laureate is looking for previously unpublished poems for Remembrance Day—deadline 10 November 2017

Poet Laureate

poppies-2585930_1920To mark Remembrance Sunday I would like to compile a collection of poetry focusing on WW1 & WW2.

Many of you write about war and as long as poems have not been previously published these can be submitted. 

For those of you looking for a prompt I am using the Royal Mail stamp collection as stimuli.


Although we cannot accept poems with these direct quotations we can allow you to use them as a starting point.


Send poems in the body of an email, single spaced to worcspl[at]gmail[dot]com

send 1-3 poems, maximum 40 lines, previously unpublished poems

DEADLINE 10th November

poppy-741342_1920PLEASE NOTE due to the fast turn around of this project successful submissions will be notified with a link.

Poems will be LIVE on the 12th November to mark Remembrance Sunday.

poppy-2550279_1920Many thanks.

remembrance-sunday-banner.jpg© The Royal British Legion 2017. Registered Charity No 219279


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Worcestershire Poet Laureate wants YOUR writing this Halloween!

Spookiness from the Worcestershire Poet Laureate!

Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe

Halloween Prose Poetry

Worcestershire Poet Laureate, Nina Lewis, has put out an open call for all things gruesome and ghoulish this Halloween, and she is asking for your best poetry or prose, written in celebration of this spooky holiday.

The deadline for this open call is October 30th, and Nina will announce the poets chosen in time for your Halloween celebrations!

All submissions should be sent in the body of an email to Please send a maximum of THREE pieces of work in your email; each poem should be NO MORE than 40 lines and each piece of prose NO MORE than 1000 words. All work must be unpublished, too.

For further information on this – and a general catch up with our lovely laureate – you can find Nina’s personal blog here:

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Imagining a Changed Place – Margaret Adkins

Beautiful poetry from Margaret Adkins—thanks ATRIUM

Imagining a Changed Place

If it’s me that ends up alone
at our breakfast table

I’ll still eat an apple, slowly baked
the night before, with honeyed

nuts in yogurt. But I’ll focus on the wren
outside, finding tiny fragrant

spiders tucked up in rosemary
blooms – and when she sings, I’ll watch

her nebule of breath

I will set your chair
far enough back – for you to fill it.

In 2017 Margaret Adkins’ poems featured in The Fat Damsel, Algebra of Owls and three anthologies: This Is Not Your Final Form (Emma Press) A Bee’s Breakfast (Beautiful Dragons Press) and Physic Garden (Palewell Press). She had a poem commended in the Welshpool Poetry Competition.

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It’s Inkspill time!


INKSPILL is an annual writing retreat right here on AWF. This year marks the 5th year and as with previous years we have some Special Guest Writers for you.

Behind the scenes there is a lot of preparation going on, so take advantage of this FREE writing weekend at the end of October. Book yourself some time off online now!


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