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Trading On The Silk Road


A recent documentary told of the trade route from East to West, ancient, modern, the wares sold and transported, the towns, villages and people along the way, yet I observed a side of this road not often seen, and rarely televised.

Trading On The Silk Road

At the side of the road,
the great Silk Road:
Goat skulls,
mule skulls,
skeletons of sheep,
ravaged bones of rats;
on the outskirts of vision
a flash of mountain lion,
the whip of a sand snake,
dust rises, coughing;
old age,

Polly Stretton 2017


9 thoughts on “Trading On The Silk Road

  1. I think this is great (although she is washing up in my kitchen at the moment)


  2. Wonderfully evocative as always, Polly. Hope you had a good Christmas.


  3. Amazing poem. Thank you for sharing.


  4. This was such a mix of fantasy and horror, Polly.
    The only thing I wondered are the “snake” and the “mountain lion” the tired and overworked creatures in this poem? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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