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Living Library 2018


What a privilege to be asked by Linda Bromyard, the Librarian at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, to be part of the Living Library again this year. Pupils spend ten minutes with authors to find out more about writing and the writing process. They always have interesting questions. After their ten minutes they move on to the next author. For me, it is a chance to talk with the youngsters not only about my own writing, but also about what they like to read, their favourite authors / genres etc. Discussions about Tolkien and Shire Ditch, what sort of fantasy creatures / beings they like best, all answered with such enthusiasm. One of the lads, who claimed not to read, was wonderfully caught out when we got onto David Williams! There were lots of questions about what inspires / how much time is spent writing / when one started writing / what time of day one prefers to write, and so on.  It transpires that there are many young writers of poetry as well as short stories. I feel this bodes well for the future.

Linda herself is an inspiration, the organisation that goes on behind the scenes, the thoughfulness to not only the pupils but also to the authors, such things never go unnoticed. Thank you, Linda.

Here is a photo of me enjoying a giggle with the pupils at the Living Library. We cannot share photos of the youngsters, but I want to thank them for their interest and also for the delightful thank you notes that Linda forwarded to me on their behalf.

PS Living Library 2018.jpg



13 thoughts on “Living Library 2018

  1. What a wonderful event for all parties involved, and a great way to inspire kids.

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  2. How fabulous – looks like you had great fun! Xxx

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  3. Thank you Polly, you and all the other writers are wonderful, and I know the students really appreciate it all.

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  4. Hi there, Linda. What about the teachers? It was good to have a couple of them (or was it one?) around later on….
    Thanks for your encouragement of the youngsters and amazing organisational skills. Hope to do it again next year 🙂

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  5. Excellent Polly! Any time spent encouraging the young to read, to write, is certainly time well spent. 🙂 Well done to you all.

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