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An Orchestra of Orchids


Stand in awe
—look at orchids—
Hampton Court Show shows
orchestras of orchids,
a fanfare of maidenhair fern frames a backdrop
—handbags and gladrags—
vessels to hold plants.

Polly Stretton © 2018

orchids and maidenhair fern http- theres-no-denying-destiny

A beautiful picture of orchids and maidenhair fern – with thanks to:


13 thoughts on “An Orchestra of Orchids

  1. A lovely evocation of the flower show Polly. Nicely done from the big to the small picture.

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  2. “orchestras of orchids”—Lovely visual.

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  3. A wonderful tribute to a remarkable plant.

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  4. Lovely. I wonder who was conducting?

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  5. Oh I feel I need to see this show.

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