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Finger Lickin’ Hallowe’en


Old-fashioned sweets

Finger Lickin’ Hallowe’en

My favourites came in cubes:
Pineapple, Kola,
and other boiled sweets
like toffee crunch
loose in quarters,
weighed out from glass jars
lining the sweet shop shelves.
Square quarter bags
and two ounce triangular paper cones;
right at the base,
where small fingers could firkle,
there lay the sugar
and slivers of sweets,
a delight on the fingertip,
on the tongue.
A memory so sweet
it makes the mouth water,
has lasted as long
as sherbet fountains
and liquorice sticks,
gob stoppers and bubble gum.
And Hallowe’en
brought cinder toffee
and Blackjacks
to stain your tongue.

Polly Stretton © 2013

Published by Silver Birch Press ‘MY SWEET WORD’ Series: Halloween Edition (2013)


2 thoughts on “Finger Lickin’ Hallowe’en

  1. Well this brought back some memories. Can we still get all these sweets. .I bet not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can, Elaine! There are specialist sweet shops that stock old the old favourites. Just put the name of your best loved sweet into a search engine and you’ll be surprised at the number that come up 😄 Glad this one brought back memories of good times.


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