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Dad always did like Pam Ayres


Napowrimo small

A shadow of his former self,
my dad, in a hospital bed,
he’d broken his hip and a bit of his mind,
I’ll tell you what he said.

His close-mouthed lips formed these words:
‘Me teeth, me ruddy teeth!’
‘What about them Dad?’ I sighed,
‘Me teeth, me ruddy teeth.’

His face looked loppy-sided,
he didn’t try to grin,
I peered, to find the problem,
for sure, his teeth were in.

‘They’ve give me someone else’s,’
he lisped and almost bristled,
‘Let me see,’ I couldn’t bear
that when he spoke, he whistled.

His teeth were in, but upside-down,
he’d played these games before,
but this one was far preferable
to searching for teeth on the floor.

Polly Stretton © 2020

napowrimo #18


12 thoughts on “Dad always did like Pam Ayres

  1. Bloody fabulous. No other words.


  2. Thanks for the giggle on a rainy morning!


  3. A good & light poem for my puzzled mind… thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Polly, you painted such a vivid picture with your words. I felt like I was the proverbial fly… 🙂


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