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Spring—a Huitain

Banish the blues with a red touch,
blend them purple for tomorrow,
boys and clinker don’t mean too much
warm debris for the wheelbarrow.
Pigeons perch on the old scarecrow,
who imagines lilacs in spring,
they watch the boy make a furrow
and prepare for life on the wing.

Polly Stretton © 2020

Revised for napowrimo #22


11 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Very nice. I don’t remember that style.


  2. I’m imagining lilacs in spring during this snowy March too. It’s time to say goodbye to the white and hello to the green.

    Lovely as always, Polly!

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  3. I like it, and a form which is new to me.


    • Said to be fifteenth century French in origin, though the Spanish claim it too (!) ‘The Monk’s Tale’ by Chaucer is thought to be the first English huitain.

      Here’s a guide:

      Single verse
      ~ Eight lines
      ~ Eight syllables
      ~ rhyme scheme: a b a b b c b c
      ~ most focus on a single subject, exploring perspectives and elevating subject.


  4. This was one with beauty and moments of humor, too! Lovely, Polly! xo 💐


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