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Napowrimo small

English blue bluebell, harbinger of summer
bend and bow your weight in woods and shade,
drop your heads sweet mists of haze.
Dip down, dance, shiver shake prance,
chinkling and tinkling like infants’ laughter,
slender stems, slight tender tough,
fight off the advance of the Spanish Armada.

Polly Stretton © 2020

Revised for napowrimo #27


4 thoughts on “Bluebells

  1. Thank you Polly. You have just triggered memories of our annual trip to Speke Hall to see the native bluebell wood. .if only you could keep that scent.


    • I’m just back from walking the dogs through our local bluebell wood, it’s fabulous. I spent hours yesterday removing Spanish bluebells from a wood over the road from me which is being rejuvenated and supposed to have only native plants / trees. Those interlopers need to be gone to save our English beauties xx


  2. I have bluebells in my garden, so beautiful this time of year. In fact, having cleared out much of a wilderness area I find I have more than I thought I did. A pleasant surprise in these strange times!


    • How wonderful, Libby. I shall be planting English bluebells in my (relatively) new to me garden – we’ve been here for less than two years and still working on getting it as we’d like it.


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