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Floral background

I drift, a dandelion clock
breathing through sunlight,
waving to daisies,
my elderflower years have begun.
Once, there were duster yellow petals,
green leaves shiny and new,
when I had you.
Seasons change.

Polly Stretton © 2021 


12 thoughts on “Dandy

  1. Love this. Let’s float together

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  2. Love this Polly, I could feel the dandelion clock drifting, looking down and loved the phrase “waving to daisies”, brilliant! Xx


    • Thank you, glad you like ‘Dandy’. Your post has come through from ‘anonymous’ – so I don’t know who you are – want to let me know? 🤔


  3. Beautiful -thank you!

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    • Thanks for commenting, Ailsa. Are you well? It’s ages since I’ve seen a post from you. Perhaps not writing just now, having a bit of time off?


      • Thanks Polly, yes I am well, thanks for asking, I hope you are too? Reading more than writing and what I write doesn’t seem finished somehow. The cancer is back but not serious this time, operation successful, it has made me question what there is to write about -life has ups and downs?

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        • Glad you’re doing OK, Ailsa, all OK here, thanks. Reading’s good, and so necessary for anyone who writes, and a little time away sets you up for the next burst of ideas 😄

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  4. Hello Polly, Great poem. Best wishes, Kevin.

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  5. A beautiful, wistful poem.


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