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You are a rainbow, a gilded-winged messenger,
a fresh-faced goddess
refilling rain clouds with seawater.
Speed of the wind,
by your side.

into the ocean, dark underworld,
unhindered by the caduceus,
unchecked before sea serpents.

Harpy sister
bring to Zeus the great oath of gods,
Iris, take him your ewer
sweet syrup of nectar.
Swift-footed, sure, storm-like rage
of the messenger bent on your twin.
Your joy flowing from Arke’s wings on Achilles’ heels.

Harbinger of light in a gossamer gown:
ruby red;
organza orange;
yarrow yellow;
gecko green;
byzantine blue;
important indigo;
virtuous violet
—the realm of the rainbow is yours—
always beyond reach.

Growing Places, (Black Pear Press, 2021)


One thought on “Iris

  1. Beautiful poem, person, being that you are Polly. Would love to join you an all on you and theirs Journy in the realms of magical prose, but I’m brasset at this point, in this space time event. but may join you at some point, in the non-existent future. Blessings from the NOW. Dawny and co. P.S. and yes, I know, and are on the way to the journey without distance. X

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