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With acknowledgement to Alan Nicholls

Talking to Alan today in our writing group, we recalled this photo and the poem. It seems incredible that it first made it online in 2016.


In the present, from the past,
a voice that echoes,
sayings that last.
Even when the body has gone
what was said will linger on.
‘My mum used to say…’
‘My grannie too…’
‘My dad would have something to say to you.’
In the present, from the past,
a voice that echoes,
echoes last.

Polly Stretton Β© 2016


11 thoughts on “Echoes

  1. Brilliant!! Your words resonate with me. I am the self-appointed archivist for my family, a task which I do not take lightly. There are many stories that are lost in the folds of time, but there are still some that can be told. That is the journey that I am on. Thank you – enjoy your thoughts and posts.


    • Thanks Rebecca – there always seems to be a special someone in the family who looks after the records πŸ™‚ Enjoy the travelling as you find out more about your heritage. Good to see you enjoyed ‘Echoes’.

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  2. Oh so true. My Mother said some fabulous things that will stay in our memories always Polly.


  3. How true. I love short, economic, poems.


  4. I like when I think of past family gatherings, where stories were reminisced and legends were begun! I like your last line about “echoes that last.” πŸ™‚

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  5. Wonderful. Words are powerful things. Little else could pass from generation to generation and still remain so intact.

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