Writings and Witterings


Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Let’s get on a reality show
and get ourselves embarrassed
by our shopping habits
or performing rabbits,
or the way we sing a note;
maybe how we choose to bake,
or even how we sew.

Could be more
than fifteen minutes,
I have to agree with the pedants…
the point’s the same,
in any game:
fifteen minutes
of so-called fame.

Polly Stretton © 2016


An Inevitable Marriage

An update on a poem written in 2012 for Holly and Suz…

An Inevitable Marriage

A snood and a stole got talking
at a spoken-word night sublime.
They ended up a-walking out,
a-walking out in time.
Gnashing, snapping, pelt on end,
they came together,
more than friends.
The cuddly snood, a circular friend,
liked a hug, liked to spend
some time around the neck of another,
preferably a passionate lover.

Granny’s fox stole:
sharp evil teeth,
claws on paws,
felt-lined beneath
its spindly legs surround the throat.
The bite, the scratch,
the hug, the cuddle,
the hug, the cuddle,
the bite, the scratch
arrange the marriage,
the perfect match.

Polly Stretton © 2016

Entirely caused by Holly’s snood and Suz’s fur coat 05/04/2012 at Parole Parlate


The Silence of Emptiness

In the silence of my room
I hear a sob
I know it can’t be me
I swore no tears for you.

Yet a curse is no ally
against an empty bed
empty arms
where you once fit

Blinding ache
in the core
serpent bite
of bitter love
no more.

Laughing no more
trying no more
dancing no more
no more.


Polly Stretton © 2016



Evening Sunrise - ebsheehy.wordpress.com

Sunset – with acknowledgement to ebsheehy.wordpress.com


Top of the
evening, sunset:
Spirito Italiano,
golden yellow,
tapering, elegant,
lidded, etched in purple.
Olive leaf quill in
a “‘G’, please Bob”.
Gold rush glory,
voluptuous vanilla
scented by subtle spice,
infused with herbs,
thirty per cent

Polly Stretton © 2016



With acknowledgement to galliano.com