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Gasping At Sunbeams

Poetry about poetry, or Ars Poetica.

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Gasping at Sunbeams

Writers in attics,
finders of words,
capturing moments
that flutter as birds
away in the skies,
intense butterflies
gasping at sunbeams,
telling no lies,
wanting the essence,
of how things might be:
form, rhythm, lyrics,
formal or free;
the significance,
the elements,
of poetry.

Polly Stretton © 2016


Chatterton – Kindle

Most of us know the pre-Raphaelite painting of Chatterton on his deathbed by Henry Wallis. Wallis painted it some 86 years after Chatterton died. See it here on the front page of my pamphlet.

Chatterton Front Cover–Stretton

Thomas Chatterton was 17 years old when he died, the original starving poet in a garret. It’s for you to decide whether he committed suicide or if it was a case of accidental death.

In reading this series of poems we imagine friends, relatives and others of influence in Chatterton’s life gathered around the foot of his deathbed, remembering and commenting on his life.

My series of ekphrastic poems cover each part of the painting and at the back of the pamphlet there’s a potted history of Chatterton.

Chatterton is available on Kindle and other platforms, click here for your copy.


Ode To Coffee


Image by turmkaffee

Ode To Coffee

Coffee tastes best freshly roasted,
flavour dulls as weeks go by;
you can’t beat fresh roasted coffee,
which most markets cannot supply.
The smell alone: delectable,
the difference, clear to taste,
with coffee beans
from the best in the world
take time – don’t drink in haste.
Brazil, Peru, Columbia,
Costa Rica, to name a few,
they all grow fragrant coffee beans
especially for you.

Polly Stretton © 2016


Congratulations, Suz!

Good to see Mayor or Worcester, Paul Denham, in the photo with Suz and Heather. What a happy group they are😀


mayor and laureats

The sixth, sensational, Worcestershire Festival – exploded in to life, with the crowning of our new Worcestershire Laureate ; Suz Winspear!   The opening night was magical, with readings from young writers, and cool compare; Matt Windle.

Shortlisted superstars, Charley Barnes and Peter Sutton, wowed us with their words.  Peter’s performance was impressive and Charley’s was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Suz Winspear, Worcester’s ‘Resident Goth’ was almost speechless, after being shortlisted several times for the honour, this award was more than well deserved.  Suz reminded the Worcester audience of our heritage, declaring that, as laureate; the poet will raise awareness of our modern poets and local talents, to ensure this generation leaves an impressive heritage for others.

Congratulations to Charley and Peter for a super achievement.  And congratulations to Suz, Worcestershire’s Poet Laureate!

baldy and suz 2

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Ulysses and the Sirens_Herbert James Draper

Ulysses and the Sirens – Herbert James Draper           c. 1909


Lashed to the mast
of a ship,
he wouldn’t do the wrong thing.
Lilting, seductive, the sirens
would not induce him,
would not lure him
to the rocks.

He knew
that willpower can be used up.
Instant gratification,
long-term reward,
curbed emotions reduce physical strength.
Like a tank of petrol,
willpower can run out.

Polly Stretton © 2016


There’s A Hole…

…in my garden where a giant fish pond used to be. Misky said you’d like to see work in progress…

A friend is clearing her back garden so she can landscape it and is donating all her topsoil (yay!) so we’re benefitting😀

Here are some photos of the hole before and in two more stages thus far, note that some planting is going on too…it’s miraculous how a few plants and a puppy change the scene.