Writings and Witterings


Shadow Of Fear

Haunting your childhood dreams,
shadow of fear,
climbs stairs to a silent scream;
sharp talons appear
on arms extreme,
bat-like, austere.
Himself to redeem,
he edges nearer…he’s near.

Haunting your children’s dreams,
shadow of fear,
no mirror image seen,
what’s that they hear?
Horror hands intervene,
unearthly sneer;
teeth glint in foulest scene,
his silhouette leers.

Haunting your every dream
shadow of fear,
Nosferatu of nightmare theme,
stalks, then he’s here!
Touch on your shoulder seam,
fangs drip, smeared;
throat constricts slowly,
is punctured, revered.

Polly Stretton © 2012


The Robin Song

Madeleine Floyd Robin Mug

I love the little robin
it’s such a special bird,
I have a smashing tale to tell,
which you may not have heard,
it starts off in the kitchen, one gloomy winter day,
the mug that has the robin on
got, somehow, in the way.

Yes, I had a little robin mug,
a pretty, favourite thing.
He didn’t mean to break it,
he had a little fling.

It was an upset,
to be sure,
so to the shop we went,
there were none in stock we heard,
and we ordered a replacement.

We collected the replacement
and made a pot of tea,
the robin mug was waiting
to be filled
–a drink for me.
“Oh look,” says my daughter, “You got the mug today,”
I wonder if, Dear Reader, [or listener]
you can guess what next I’ll say?

We tried to avoid
breaking Madeleine Floyd,
our best catching skills let us down.
A little bird mug in
the hand (for a while),
can lead to it being…
shattered all across the kitchen in the tiniest bits and pieces imaginable!

An accident!
An accident!
An accident!
Oh, me.
I’m off to the shop in a moment
to order mug number three!

Polly Stretton © 2012

Audio file

“Tik – ik – ik – ik … Tik – ik …” … Robin