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Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 31

Day 31

My favourites are turquoise ink and purple ink. Black ink and blue ink are OK for every day, but to get away from the mundane sometimes is good, like for birthdays and other special occasions. When I was growing up, ink colour had particular and well-known associations eg black was used for sympathy cards or to write letters of condolence, blue was the ‘accepted’ colour for correspondence, green denoted envy or jealousy, red denoted anger. Few wrote in green or red in those days unless … Now we have myriad colours available. We’ve moved on from the ubiquitous blue Quink.

Polly Robinson © 2013

107-365 Ink

107-365 Ink (Photo credit: johngarghan)


Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 30

Day 30

A hungry time of year for the tweets, who flock to the bird table. Breadcrumbs, mealworms, nuts meet with their approval, as does the fat ball dangling below … ‘Cyril squirrel! Get off there!’

A pair of Eurasian Bullfinches feeding at a bi...

Polly Robinson © 2013


Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 29

Day 29

Solitude, peace, resides within the curve of a nacreous seashell

Polly Robinson © 2013

'Nacreous conch shell on sandy beach' www.colourbox.com

‘Nacreous conch shell on sandy beach’ http://www.colourbox.com


Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 27

Day 27

‘You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent,’ I remember the jingle and find myself singing it from time to time ~ usually when I see contemporary ads for tooth whitening. It was one of the first TV ads when ITV opened. The very first one was for another toothpaste, Gibbs SR, which showed a toothpaste in a block of ice. I remember the visual but cannot remember the jingle or voiceover to Gibbs SR from 1955, but then, I was very small …

Polly Robinson © 2013

Pepsodent toothpaste

Pepsodent toothpaste

A Gibbs SR 2

Gibbs SR toothpaste ~ the first UK ITV advertisement shown in 1955


Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 26

Day 26

Life-enhancing water: the coolest drink, clear, cleansing, healthy, helps to carry nutrients and oxygen. I need all the help I can get at the start of the day.

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From squaremeal.co.uk

From squaremeal.co.uk