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If you like pictures,
diagrams, charts,
cartoons, then you’re a ‘Visual’.
No, not a visionary,
a ‘Visual’ who says,

‘I see what you mean,’
‘I get the picture,’
and asks ‘What’s your view?’

It’s the way you like to communicate.
The way you might send messages.

‘Auditory’ defines those who prefer voices,
the radio, talking on the phone,
listening to silence,
asking for directions.
No, not voices in your head,
a listener, a story-teller, a poet.

You say ‘That rings a bell,’
‘I hear what you’re saying,’
‘It sounds OK to me.’

If you’re touchy-feely,
a hug ‘n kisser,
‘Kinesthetic’s’ the word.
You like a ‘hands on’ approach…
But no, the ‘Kinesthetic’s’ guided
by texture and touch.

You say ‘That feels right,’
‘How does this grab you?’
‘Let me try.’

Now…let’s figure out
how to send each one
a message.
The message
is ‘Peace.’

Polly Stretton © 2016


Mindful Writing Challenge ~ January 2013 ~ Small Stone 29

Day 29

Solitude, peace, resides within the curve of a nacreous seashell

Polly Robinson © 2013

'Nacreous conch shell on sandy beach' www.colourbox.com

‘Nacreous conch shell on sandy beach’ http://www.colourbox.com

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