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Rotary District 1100 Conference 2014

District Governor Jan Harris held an outstanding conference in Bournemouth last weekend. I was privileged to be asked to co-host the ‘Oscars’ evening, when Jan acknowledged district members who have worked so hard with her throughout the Rotary year.

We had a fabulous evening, and as you can see, I was surrounded by handsome men – Oscar and Oliver 😉



Balloonrace.com – The Internet Balloon Race

Have you ever joined in a virtual balloon race? Try it now!

My Rotary eClub are raising funds to help the heart foundation ~ have fun for just a couple of quid ~ that’s a little more than 3 dollars for my American friends ~ cheap as chips and just as wonderful ~ c’mon, give it a go before it’s too late! 🙂

The hub’s balloons, both called ‘2020zoom’ are in 2nd and 35th place at the time of writing, while my balloon’s ‘Girl’s Got Rhythm’ and ‘Tekkers’ lag behind in 216th and 61st place respectively ~ heh-heh 😀

The race ends and the winner will be announced in 23 days time.

Keep up with the fun here: Balloonrace.com – The Internet Balloon Race

English: Rotary International emblem

Rotary International emblem

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Rotary International emblem

We promote peace and international understanding through our educational and humanitarian programmes and sponsor the largest privately funded international scholarship programme in the world.

Our top philanthropic goal is to eradicate polio worldwide.  Since 1985, Rotary members have donated their time and money to help immunise more than two billion children in 122 countries.

Rotary is one of the largest and most influential international humanitarian service organisations in the world, it is a global network of business, professional, and community leaders.

Proud to be a Rotarian – fellowship – friendship – fun.

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Vigornia GPS Challenge

We’re getting ready for a fun day on Sunday 11 March – our second GPS challenge – a treasure hunt using GPS devices such as SatNavs.

Come and join us if you can, just a fiver each, no charge for the children, and fab prizes to be won.  Find caches (little boxes) full of goodies to swap in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside.

Drop me a line if you’d like more details.

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Rotary Day – Thursday 23 February – Final Push to End Polio

BBC medical correspondent Fergus Walsh will be giving a special report on BBC News today (Monday 20 February) highlighting how Rotary club members in Great Britain and Ireland helped India achieve its one year ‘polio free’ anniversary, and their continued efforts to eradicate polio worldwide.

During his recent visit to India for a National Immunisation Day, Fergus visited some of the 7,000 impromptu vaccination booths across Delhi, several of them staffed by Rotary members of Rotary clubs from Great Britain.
Read his report here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17072769

Fergus’ TV report will air tonight at 6pm and 10pm on BBC News, with a special BBC Breakfast feature tomorrow (Tuesday 21 February). The reports will showcase a package he has recorded over the weekend showing Rotary’s work, people affected by polio and interviews with doctors.

Rotary is the world’s biggest service organisation and celebrates its 107th Birthday this year; we have around 32,000 clubs worldwide and 1.2 million members in 200 countries. Rotary International in Britain and Ireland alone has 54,000 members distributed over 1,850 clubs. Join us to make a difference in our local, national and international communities. Thursday this week is Rotary Day and we see the final push to eradicate polio. See #rotaryday #rotaryendpolio #rotarythisclose for more information.

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Polio: A Rotary engine | The Economist

Polio: A Rotary engine | The Economist

One of the best articles I’ve seen about polio eradication. Thank you, Economist.
Polio was eradicated in the UK in the 1950’s but the fact is, it’s only a plane ride away. Polio infects and paralyses children, robbing them of their futures, wasting their limbs, and compounding the hardships faced by their families. As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk.
Since the Rotary campaign began, over 2 billion children have had the oral vaccine in 122 countries. Perhaps the most remarkable and uplifting statistic is this: more than 5 million people who would otherwise have been paralysed are walking today as a result of immunisation. That is something that every Rotarian, whatever gender, race or creed, celebrates – oops, Economist, you didn’t mean a ‘businessmen’s club’, did you!