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Math Jones Returns To Worcester!


LitFest A4 Lupercalia poster



Photos of LitFest Christmas Fayre

Was ever anyone so blessed? So many lovely people at the Christmas Fayre in 2013 🙂


Saturday Plinth In Worcester

Here is the promised update, I read Faerie Folk, Morning Town Ride, Silly Head Day, Beans for Tea and First Love at the Fourth Plinth in the Old Library in Worcester between 10:00 and 13:00.  Then, as we had finished early due to a couple of no shows, Suz asked if anyone had got anything else and I took the opportunity to read Time, Fire and War-thieves, I’ve never read it in public before—though all poetry is special, this one is extra-special to me.

It was a splendid morning with poetry and music from, in order of appearance:

Jenny Hope
Lissy Hope
Catherine Crosswell
Damon Lord
Holly Magill
William Shatspeare / Ryan / Abigail / Edward
Polly Stretton
Gary Longden
Sammy Joe
Math Jones
Suz Winspear
and Worcestershire Poet Laureate Maggie Doyle