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Weaving Yarns—Book Launched!


News from the fab launch of Heather’s new collection – it’s a joyride around the carpet industry in Kidderminster – great poems/stories/scripts – something for everyone.

Weaving Yarns

This post is all about the fact that Weaving Yarns, poems, songs and real life stories from the carpet industry, is now available to buy! Here is a link for online purchases from Black Pear Press who have been excellent to work with and have produced a first class item which I’m proud to hold in my hand, read from and generally wave in the air at people.  You can also buy copies in the Museum of Carpet shop and from me of course!

Weaving Yarns front cover  12237954_873135339460734_9065783628317440527_o(1)

(More photos, taken by Tony Judge from Black Pear Press, appear below.)

I am indebted to the following performers who helped me put together an evening’s entertainment of poetry and music, performing their own work as well as mine: Sarah Tamar, Kathy Gee, Mike Alma, Polly Robinson and Kate Wragg. Many thanks to you all for your wonderful work.

I will let…

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4 thoughts on “Weaving Yarns—Book Launched!

  1. Félicitations!


  2. Do you have a new book of poetry in the works, Polly?

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  3. Hopefully a new collection in 2016 – thanks for asking 😀


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