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There’s A Hole…


…in my garden where a giant fish pond used to be. Misky said you’d like to see work in progress…

A friend is clearing her back garden so she can landscape it and is donating all her topsoil (yay!) so we’re benefitting 😀

Here are some photos of the hole before and in two more stages thus far, note that some planting is going on too…it’s miraculous how a few plants and a puppy change the scene.


8 thoughts on “There’s A Hole…

  1. I’m thinking koi pond with that 🙂 always been my dream to own one 🙂


  2. oh and baroom! k’cht at the title 😆😆

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  3. Your pooch looks very pleased with the work 🙂


  4. No doubt with Mabel on the job, all shall be well! 🙂


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