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11 thoughts on “Electric Light Orchestra

  1. My favorite band when I was in high school! I still love them!


    • Aw Robin … doesn’t it just take you back? I adore them, always did, always will .. fave track probably Confusion, but love ’em all really ~ happy days 😀


      • Mr. Blue Sky is a favorite, as is Wild West Hero, but my all time favorite is Telephone Line. They were so talented!


        • Gosh, once you start you can’t stop! I always wanted to really ie REALLY like Horace Wimp, but although I like it, do I really like it? There’s something distinctly different about that particular track for me, though it was hugely popular at the time …


  2. Now that’s some hair! I’d hate to find it in my bathroom drain. In fact, perhaps It’s A Living Thing…


  3. Yeah, the hair… did you see Brian Mays from Queen come on the Olympics, doing an extremely long (dare I say bordering on masturbatory?) guitar solo right after they had a HUGE screen of my beloved Freddy Mercury? And that twink in the leotard DARING to sing “We Will Rock You?”

    ELO. Miss them. Mr. Blue Sky is by far my all-time fave of their songs, so this was great, Polly! Right jolly! Golly! Amy (wink)


    • heh-heh re ‘twink’ comment.

      Couldn’t agree more!

      I did see Brian and it was fab to see Freddy ~ that whole section was special.

      Fancy ‘Mr Blue Sky’ being your fave 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts Amy 🙂


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