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A Prose Poem: Flower Growing In The Wrong Place


A soothing blue cumulus of cranesbill clusters beneath laurel, the petals grey veined, stretching for the sky under the sagely green canopy. Before such beauty there’s the sweet clingy stuff – the sticky burrs that blight dogs’ coats later in the year – and an empty bed with last year’s faded, crumbling woodchips, the scent lingers still. Look again, the bed is not so empty… a crumpled weed control membrane lurks partly hidden by compost, held down by red brick, butting up to decking. Shining silver, a meshed pit shows off yellow ragwort on which cinnabar moth caterpillars’ chomp.

Polly Stretton © 2014

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars from

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars from


13 thoughts on “A Prose Poem: Flower Growing In The Wrong Place

  1. A beautiful .. peaceful morning you painted here Polly in words 🙂


  2. I love the imagery and so well written!


  3. A very comprehensive image. Well done!


  4. Polly, what a lovely venture into the garden. Perhaps you will be writing more prose poems? 🙂


  5. Polly! So thankful you posted on my blog… This settled my soul, truly. Balm in Gilead.

    I’m of the belief that flowers grow wherever the hell they want to! Case in point: First stab at proper gardening, and my tulips bloomed a full foot from the garden plot. The snickers can be heard at church because we live in the parsonage next door. I don’t give a hoot – I’m great at growing dandelions, ha ha. Amy


    • Dandelions are things of beauty, but I was reflecting on the common saying that weeds are flowers growing in the wrong place. Many of my enviro friends leave the weeds to grow between the other flowers. My issue with that is, for example, the bindweed, which kills the other flowers, strangling them to death.

      Pleased to see you here, Amy, *smiles* re the tulips! but how lovely that they grew! Lovely to see that my prose poem gave balm to your soul 🙂


  6. Magnificent exposition Polly, well done indeed.


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