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He Drinks Blood

 You will know him by his powers, 
 his inhuman speed, 
 his sinister silence, 
 the way he can fly at the flick of an eyelid; 
 by his ability to conceal himself in the shadows, 
 his talon-like claws, 
 very sharp; 
 made for tearing flesh. 
 Just know that he has to drink blood.
 He has to drink blood, 
 or age fast, falling 
 to dust if no blood is found.
 But then, you will know him by—  
 he cannot tolerate garlic, 
 can't abide sunlight or crosses 
 and to him, water is loathsome, it dilutes his power. 
 He drinks blood; 
 coppery-tasting human blood,
 rich, claret human blood, 
 it is mine he seeks now. 
 I sense him getting closer, 
 secreted in the darkest shadows, 
 concealed by the cloaks in the closet, 
 hidden beyond the hat stand in the hallway,
 stalking slowly up dust-laden stairs
 he waits for me to fall asleep.  
 I know it,
 yet can stay awake 
 but for a few minutes more.  
 It has been 11 days 
 —264 hours—
 I cannot keep my eyes 
 open much longer, 
 even though, 
 I know, 
 the moment they close 
 he will siphon the life out of me.  
 He has tried twice, already, 
 I am so weak.
 Cold, cold, icily cold, he draws the blood from my soul.
 He drinks blood; 
 coppery-tasting human blood,
 rich, claret human blood, 
 it is mine he drinks now.                         

Polly Stretton © 2020 

This poem is one of 42 poems in the 2020 collection The Alchemy of 42. To see more:


Haiku #60

Dusk, and the moon rises,
nicotiana scent wafts
with evening jasmine.

Polly Stretton © 2020

This is the sixtieth Haiku that I’ve posted on a daily basis since napowrimo 2020, and it’s also the last day of June, a good place to pause for the time being as I focus on my new collections of poetry ‘The Alchemy of 42’ and ‘Growing Places’ – look out for them – and thank you for reading and following.