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Saturday Plinth In Worcester


Here is the promised update, I read Faerie Folk, Morning Town Ride, Silly Head Day, Beans for Tea and First Love at the Fourth Plinth in the Old Library in Worcester between 10:00 and 13:00.  Then, as we had finished early due to a couple of no shows, Suz asked if anyone had got anything else and I took the opportunity to read Time, Fire and War-thieves, I’ve never read it in public before—though all poetry is special, this one is extra-special to me.

It was a splendid morning with poetry and music from, in order of appearance:

Jenny Hope
Lissy Hope
Catherine Crosswell
Damon Lord
Holly Magill
William Shatspeare / Ryan / Abigail / Edward
Polly Stretton
Gary Longden
Sammy Joe
Math Jones
Suz Winspear
and Worcestershire Poet Laureate Maggie Doyle


27 thoughts on “Saturday Plinth In Worcester

  1. wish I had been there – sounds like a wonderful time – I always feel so “cultured” when I attend events such as this


  2. now this makes sense LOLs
    I went back to see the beginning
    I seem to work my way backwards
    sounds like fun!
    wish I were thre…
    Take Care…


  3. Glad it went well. Wish I could have been there to see it myself. 🙂


  4. Oh it sounds fabulous!
    I read five of my poems for the first time recently – nerve wracking and yet thrilling at the same time!! 🙂


  5. I so loved your Chackety Chack!! I think you perform it so well (you don’t need the audience participation!!) My mega fave piece of yours yesterday, was the one about the piano, and your wondrous use of the ‘sung’ sounds with accompanying words as you took us on a flighty musical journey peeking into piano stools. Is this here on one your Blog ? Well done to Holly for encouraging you to do it- It was Fab 🙂


    • Ooh, Catherine, what lovely words … awesome, thank you. I wasn’t sure about the audience participation, did it work? It was a tad hard to see from where I was (ie panicking!)

      So glad you liked First Love, it’s one of my faves too, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it before … don’t know what it was about yesterday – must have been something in the air – and despite not feeling 100%, found myself practically leaping out of my chair to do Time, Fire, and War-thieves (!)

      First Love can be found here … here’s the link to make it easier:

      Absolutely adored, I’ll say that again, ADORED your set yesterday, probably my favourite of all – can’t wait to hear Poets and Cats again – hope you’ll put them on your blog, I have looked and can’t find them.

      Thanks again for super comments 🙂 x


  6. Just discovered the little follow up button if someone replies to a post!! I am sooooooooo compooter slowwwww.
    And how did I miss first love in the first place!! I must have been away.

    You were certainly dancing up there in front of the mic 🙂 The audience participation was fun. We were all doing our own personal chackety chacks out of time with each other, so possibly encapsulating the tube journey even more!! You could always pick on one sole audience member to do it (not me!!) if you want it to be more rhythmic.

    Glad you enjoyed mine too!! I haven’t posted those 2 poems you mentioned, I made the bit up in the middle of Poets- so it’ll prob change again next time. I’ve never performed it before either. The Ashmolean one seemed appropriate since James was there doing bored face in a Museum and Art Gallery. This morn I have had an idea about a spider 🙂 x

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    • I love it that you’ve just discovered a button! heh-heh-heh …

      Spiders are getting everywhere just now … did you hear Geoff’s sci-fi story about spiders during LitFest? It’s fab, but he doesn’t post his stuff online, just reads it when the fancy takes him. I think it’s stunning, though may be a tad biased (!)

      Tee-hee re the audience being out of sync … probably down to me saying I’d raise my finger and then failing to do so! heh-heh … it was fun though.

      Feel so much better about yesterday since seeing a few comments – I guess it’s the same for most of us – oh-oh, G is calling for me to do something about signs … catch you later 🙂

      And I loved James’s face when you were reading Ashmolean … every parent in the hall identified with what you were saying! 🙂


    • I’m so chuffed you did First Love Polly – it’s still one of my absolute favourites of yours! Love it. And so nice to hear your read the Whitley Court one as I know that’s very special to you.
      Also, Catherine, I loved your set – my friend Dawn (mother of three) was nodding along in recognition at your Ashmolean poem. And my Bangles wants to read the “Cats” one… 😉


      • heh-heh, you get the credit for First Love, I may not have plucked up the courage but for you being so keen, so thank you for that.

        It’s great that we can all have a natter about it all afterwards and reflect on a really special morning – thanks to everyone for helping me select my poetry and thanks for everyone who was there – a smashing time was had by all.


  7. Sounds as if you had a great morning, Polly. So glad it was a success. Was there a good audience?


    • An excellent audience, Lindsay! They joined in like troopers! I think everyone concerned was delighted with the morning, Suz certainly looked as if she were really pleased with the outcome.

      Notable for me, Catherine Crosswell, who did some smashing stuff that I’d not seen / heard before, her poem about Poets was ace and the one about Cats just amazing, plus she did one about her son James at the Ashmolean and I think every parent present knew the scene inside out!

      Holly Magill read her Chocolate Buttons poem and finished with The Lady in the Library, really good fun with us all joining in with ‘Shhhhh, shhhhh’.

      Math Jones did the most stunning reading of My Father, a tear-jerker if ever there were one, and Gary Longden has done a reprise on Evil Trees for Suz, excellent! Maggie the Poet Laureate repeated her winning entries and a couple more and we had some interesting stuff from Damon Lord, his poem Frozen was eerie. In fact, everyone did really well and it was a most enjoyable morning – I’ve mentioned nearly everyone and am feeling quite guilty for not mentioning everyone, but as Gary was there I’m sure there will be a really good write up in due course.

      Thank you so much for your mentoring to do more than one verse for Silly Head Day… personal view: it went down better at PP than at the plinth. The first airing of First Love at the plinth seemed to be well received and interestingly The Faeries poem seemed to get some ears pricking up, the audience participation in the ‘chackety chack’ of Morning Town Ride was fun too.

      So overall, a good morning. Suz has said that there were more people in attendance than at any other plinth ‘do’, so that’s really good ‘eh?

      Have you had a good weekend?


      • Thanks for the “honourable mention” Polly – I had no idea the audience were joining in on my sssshhh-ing! Everyone felt very far away from the plinth to me…. I think that may have added to my nerves, as I felt quite disconnected from the audience. Very interesting learning experience for me. And such a fab and diverse line up of contrasting poets!
        Suz should be very proud of herself for putting it all together. 🙂


  8. Sounds wonderful! You’ve done a good job mentioning people, Polly.

    Audiences are funny things – really strange how some respond and some not. So many variables, but overall, this sounds a good one!

    Were there many non-readers there? Would be good to get a wider crowd to appreciate the talent!


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